ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code M20.1
latest release 2012

non-Billable Code
ICD-10-CM code M20.1 is NOT a billable medical code that can be used to specify a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim.

ICD-10-CM codes are used in medical billing and coding to describe diseases, injuries, symptoms and conditions. ICD-10-CM Hallux valgus (acquired) is one of thousands of ICD-10-CM codes used in healthcare. Although ICD-10-CM and CPT codes are largely numeric, they differ in that CPT codes describe medical procedures and services.

Billable ICD-10-CM Code Billable medical code that can be used on a reimbursement claim.

Non-Billable ICD-10-CM Code Non-Billable medical code

ICD-10-CM Equivalent mapping to ICD-9-CM Equivalent mapping of ICD-10-CM to ICD-9-CM