4 Reasons to See an Optometrist Today in Fort McMurray

When is the last time that you went to an optometrist? While there may be plenty of options available in your area, perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve last been. Maybe you just haven’t had the need to go since you wear your glasses all the time, or you just feel that now you’re thinking about it because of changes in your eyesight.

progressive lenses

Regardless of the reasons, and even if you don’t have any of your own reasons, we can give you some! Here are four compelling reasons why you might want to personally pick up the phone and call an optometrist today. Read on to find out more!


4 Reasons to See an Optometrist Today


  1. Get your prescription up to date.


Maybe it’s been a while since you last went to the optometrist and maybe not. Either way, the best way to update your prescription is to go in once a year and see what’s going on. That way you can always be sure that you have a prescription that is totally up to date and is also going to be accurate. This means you can always be seeing your best, which can be helpful when it comes to every single aspect of your daily life.


  1. You feel your eyeglasses aren’t strong enough anymore for some reason.


You’ve been doing fine with your glasses for the last decade, but all of a sudden, they start to seem far less effective than they used to be. So what’s up with that? For one thing, our eyes do change with time. They might not have the same prescription that they did a few years ago, and that can mean that one day your glasses are fine for reading and the next day they seem blurry and require effort. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t hesitate – call for an appointment today.


  1. You want to get bright light UV lenses.


Bright light UV lenses are one of the hottest things to hit the eyewear world right now. Blue light is constantly emitted from screens. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, television or computer, your eyes can get strained from all of that light hitting them constantly. These lenses filter out that blue light so you’re getting a light frequency that is more normal for your eyes.


4. You’re interested in getting progressive lenses.

Progressive lenses are essentially giving you the power of three types of vision in one. Many people prefer these types of progressive lenses in Fort McMurray because it’s a way to see different ranges and have the option to do that effectively no matter whether it’s close up, mid-range, or far away.

Just adjusting the position of your head is all it takes to adjust to the view that you need for the distance. While progressive lenses in Fort McMurray can take some getting used to, they are also well worth the adjustment period. They are so convenient and so smart that if you’ve been missing something like them in your life you will be very happy to have discovered them.