5 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Family Dentist in Kamloops

5 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Family Dentist

If you have just moved or you are simply searching for a new dental practice that offers family dentistry in Kamloops, getting a reliable one will improve the health of the whole family. It will be easier to find a reputable dentist when you know the right questions to ask. Whether you are looking for a family dentist to do a wisdom tooth extraction, cosmetic dentistry, or routine dental check-ups, you should ask the following questions:

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1. What is your area of specialization?

Not all dentists are the same. The specialities of dentists make them unique. Apart from basic dental check ups and routine oral care, a dentist that offers family dentistry in Kamloops should offer you various types of dental treatment and procedures. Examples include: bonding, braces, wisdom tooth extraction, bridges and implants, teeth whitening, oral cancer examination and gum surgery. You should make a list of the procedures you want before you visit a dentist.

2. Do you work with all age groups?

Any dentist providing family dentistry in Kamloops should be able to work with different age groups. This is particularly important when you have young children or you are responsible for the care of the elderly. You need to carefully select a dentist with a support team that can provide compassionate care for seniors who need a wisdom tooth extraction and be patient enough to treat little children. You kids will be happy to follow you to the dentist when they know that they will treated with minimal pain.

3. Will you take my insurance plan?

Not all dentists will accept your insurance plan, so you need to discuss this in detail before choosing a new dentist. In Canada, general oral care is not yet part of the national health act. So many Canadians receive their health care through private dental clinics and make payment for services with insurance plans or out of pocket. So you need to know the exact type of treatment that your insurance plan covers and if you will be able to choose a different procedure from the one your plan covers.

4. Do you accept emergency requests?

Most dentists who take care of families will be willing to offer some form of emergency treatment. But this depends on the kind of relationship you have built with your dentist. Ask if your dentist will be able to treat you or any of your children if an accident occurs or if your children injure any of their teeth while playing. Having a dentist that can offer emergency dental procedures such as extraction and tooth replacement will put your mind at rest.

5. Will you provide health education on proper dental care?

Many of the tooth problems that adults have are preventable. Surveys have shown that a large proportion of adults between 20 and 64 have tooth decay on one or more of their permanent teeth. This may eventually require a painful wisdom tooth extraction. So it is important for your dentist to be able to teach your kids how to prevent this and help you and your spouse to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Finding a reliable family dentist in Kamloops that can offer effective and painless dental treatment is essential for the health of everyone in your home. So you should take your time and use these questions to carry out a thorough interview.