5 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Phenomenal in Lloydminster

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so why not show them off? Eyes can be your greatest asset, but they can also betray you. When you are tired or exhausted, they can really show that like a billboard sitting on a highway advertising that you got a bad night’s sleep or woke up refreshed and rejuvenated. Read on to find out five ways you can make your eyes look better than ever.


5 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Phenomenal

1. Invest in some new eyewear.

Are you considering getting some new eyewear in Lloydminster? A pair of new eye glasses in Lloydminster might be just what you need to highlight your peepers in a glamorous or distinguished way. Getting a new pair of glasses is like getting a new haircut; it’s going to breathe new life into your appearance and help you feel like you have a brand new lease on life!

Get your style on with some new eyewear in Lloydminster and enjoy showing off your new eye glasses to everyone! Just be sure you pick a style of frame that compliments your face shape – there are plenty of guides online that can show you whether square, oval, or other frames might be right for your face.

2. Consider getting contacts.

Contacts can be very convenient. If you have been a glasses owner for much of your life, you may be surprised to find how different contacts can be. They are great for people who work out a lot, for driving so you can wear sunglasses, or just for comfortable everyday living. If you are a woman and you enjoy wearing makeup, you may be surprised at how much more sophisticated you look with contacts in and how the makeup doesn’t seem as heavy without big frames.

3. Black mascara and a nude eyeshadow.

Wearing just a bit of black mascara with a nude eyeshadow can really wake your eyes up. One basic coat of mascara for women can make you look a lot more pulled together and even awake than without it. Try out a black mascara from brands like Mark Jacobs or just go with something classic like Maybelline or Physician’s Formula. You may be surprised by how much your eyes stand out from such a simple makeup approach.

4. Place cucumber slices or tea bags on the eyes when puffy.

Cucumber slices help to deal with swelling and can make puffiness go down. But you might be surprised to find out that tea bags can work just as well! If you frequently have white, green, or black tea in the morning, make your tea bag go the extra mile by placing them on or below the eyes when cool. The antioxidants and ingredients in the teabags will work to reduce swelling and puffiness too. Great for a simple early morning beauty routine.

5. Use a retinol or antioxidant-rich eye cream under the eyes before bed.

Your skin needs moisture to stay healthy and looking fresh. When you do your nightly cleanse, make an effort to place a rich cream under your eyes, where the skin is thinner. This will help lock in moisture and prevent wrinkles, making your eyes and the areas surrounding them look youthful and attractive!