What You Can Expect From Your Audiologist in Winnipeg

Hearing is one of your most essential senses and like the rest of your body, your hearing is not impervious, meaning it can easily be damaged. It is advisable that you have your ears checked annually at your nearest hearing centre. For the best possible results, you should see an audiologist. Are you looking for a hearing centre or Winnipeg audiologist? You will happily discover that there are many audiologists near you.


What You Can Expect From Your Local Audiologist

The successful fitting of a hearing aid involves more than choosing the right device to help with your hearing needs. Your hearing aids must be fitted properly to ensure the correct level of amplification. This way, you get to enjoy maximum benefits from your hearing aid.

Before fitting your hearing aid, your Winnipeg audiologist will begin by performing a thorough hearing test. The test is helpful, as it measures the softest sounds you are able to hear while pitches are altered. The audiologist will also take note of the volume you are not comfortable with. Based on the tests conducted, the expert can determine the right level of gain your hearing device must provide to amplify the soft sounds.

When you visit a hearing centre, the audiologist will discuss the different styles and types of hearing aids available for you, the newest technology, and the cost of acquiring one. Different listening environments, as well as your individual expectations when acquiring the aids are discussed, as well. Take note of the different features provided in various models. The good news is that your Winnipeg audiologist will recommend the most suitable ones after evaluating your communication and hearing needs. After selecting your preferred hearing aids, your earmold impressions are taken from your ears, but only if the specialist deems it necessary. Approximately 2 weeks later, you will be expected to return for the actual fitting.

During the fitting appointment, the audiologist will check that the aids provide the right level of amplification by carrying out real ear measures. These tests allow your audiologist to know the loudness of sounds reaching your ear canal. After the completion of the test, the hearing aid is fitted into your ear and turned on.

Choose an Audiologist Who’s Associated with an ENT

If you can, choose a Winnipeg audiologist who is associated to an ENT specialist. This is helpful because whenever you need hearing evaluation for an underlying condition, the audiologist will work together with the ENT to treat the condition. In most cases, audiologists and ENT specialists work together as a team, which results in optimal results. In addition, if problems develop once you begin wearing your hearing device, the ENT specialist will be available to treat and rectify the situation.

Hearing Conservation Programs
Exposure to extremely loud noises could potentially cause permanent hearing loss. Since audiologists are more concerned with preventing loss of hearing, they are usually involved in the implementation of programs to safeguard the hearing of people exposed to extremely noisy recreational and industrial situations.
Many Canadians suffer different types of hearing issues. Unfortunately, these hearing difficulties are rarely recognized by the individuals involved. Teenagers and children rarely complain about having any symptoms that point to hearing loss. This often translates to the loss of hearing gradually and they may not even realize that it is happening to them. The first step to resolving the issue is to visit a hearing centre or consult your Winnipeg audiologist.