Partial Dentures Vs. Implant Dentures in Calgary

If one or more of your teeth are missing, you will gladly discover that you have many options when it comes to tooth replacement including the traditional partial dentures and implant dentures in Calgary.

partial dentures

No matter the option you select, being toothless is something you really don’t want to ignore because it could easily lead to numerous other serious problems later on that may include:

• High risk of tooth decay and gum infections
• Changes in the facial structures
• Further loss of teeth
• Difficulty speaking or chewing food
• Shifting of the remaining teeth

Partial Dentures or Implant Dentures

These are the most common solutions available for the patients who need dentures. However, to determine which one is the most suitable option for you, it is critical that you take certain factors into consideration. Below we shall summarize the pros and cons of each.

Partial Dentures

• Can be completed fast after the first fitting
• Presents patients with a cheaper option when compared to implant dentures
• Recommended for the patients with sensitive gums or weaker jaws

• Daily maintenance is mandatory with partial dentures (rinsing, brushing, and soaking)
• Partial dentures have a lifespan of 5 years, which is actually much shorter than the lifespan of implant dentures
• May feel somewhat uncomfortable and in some cases, patients are likely to experience mouth sores, especially if fitted improperly
• Adhesives are used to prevent the dentures from dislodging when patients speak or chew food
Implant Dentures in Calgary
• A more secure form of tooth replacement, as it does not dislodge
• Functions like your natural teeth
• You can clean implant dentures like your natural teeth
• If well taken care of, the implant dentures last many decades
• Safeguards the jawbone from extended deterioration

• Are generally more costly when compared to the partial denture
• Surgery could potentially cause complications such as excessive bleeding
• The surgical procedure involved does not suit every patient, especially the patients with weaker jaws
• Healing takes several months before treatment is successfully completed

So which one is best?

The patients with weaker jaws or gums can benefit from a partial denture. Furthermore, if your primary concern is the cost of the tooth replacement, then you might want to consider the partial dentures in Calgary. Even so, you should remember that while the partial form of dentures might be less costly in the initial stages, they do require repairs and a completely new replacement is necessary eventually, which pushes the costs higher.

Implant dentures in Calgary are suitable for patients with healthier gums. Also, if you would rather have a permanent tooth replacement solution, then implant dentures are worth considering. When you apply the right dental care procedure, your implant-supported dentures could easily last 20 years without the need for replacements.

Your candidacy for implant-supported dentures can be affected by a number of factors, including:

• Bile complications
• Insufficient bone structure
• If you currently take medications like blood thinners
• Whether you smoke or not
• Periodontal disease

If you would like to discover which option is right for you, schedule a dental visit and discuss your options with your dentist.