Physiotherapy – An Effective Sport Injury Management and Prevention Technique in Surrey

Sport injuries are inevitable! Players hate these injuries because longer spells of absence from active training can have a damaging impact on their stamina as well as performance. Above all, some valuable opportunities to excel and move to the next level are lost. Physiotherapy is by far the quickest way of putting any sports person back in action. Its therapeutic value has been recognized by independent science for restoring physical health. It is also an unmatched sport injury preventive technique. That is how physiotherapists are now an essential part of sports training teams. If you are in need of sports injury rehab, a reliable physiotherapist can help you.

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The expertise as well as experience of a physiotherapist comes into play when it comes to identifying reasons for an injury, and developing an effective treatment as well as rehabilitation plan.

Initial Evaluation

The first meeting with a sports physiotherapist or expert in ICBC physio in Surrey is an extensive one in which the expert seeks answers to lots of detailed questions to determine the causes of an injury. Based on these answers as well as other general details, the expert formulates a complete plan to get an injured sports person on the road to treatment as well as recovery. It should be noted that sports injuries are not all treated the same. A physiotherapist develops a treatment plan that best suits the injured person.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

The treatment options chosen depend on the issue identified. There are a number of physiotherapy treatments available such as heat or cold therapy, taping, ultrasound, soft tissue mobilization, or total immobilization with crutches or a wheelchair. The aim of these treatments is to control the early inflammation stage, control pain and swelling, protect the injured tissues from suffering further injury, and to activate the healing process. The ICBC physio in Surrey will utilize one or a combination of these techniques depending on the nature of injury. Your physiotherapist will choose a technique that will be most appropriate for you.

Once there is no pain, early mobilization exercises such as massage, range of motion and strengthening exercises are taken up for rehabilitation. The sports injury rehab program achieves normal joint movements and restores strength as well as normal muscle functions.

Preventative Physiotherapy

After the injury has been healed, the physiotherapist’s focus shifts towards educating as well as equipping the player to avoid future injuries. The activity plan at this stage is sport specific. Some of the strategies that will be employed by the physiotherapist include:

  • Strengthening the core – Core consists of the abdomen and lower back muscles. Together, all these form the body’s power house and offer force for all the difficult movements.
  • Improve flexibility using stretching exercises.
  • Correct the posture, technique required and when and how to apply force.
  • Educate on the importance of warm up.
  • Suggest the correct sports gear and footwear, protective taping as well as bracing.

Physiotherapy is not just about physical health. It has an all-inclusive approach in which the overall fitness levels of body and mind are improved.