Root Canal Treatment in North Edmonton: No Pain Involved

Root canal, also commonly referred to by dental practitioners as endodontics, involves the execution of highly specialized procedures meant to provide treatment for soft pulp issues in the tooth. Many individuals mistakenly assume that root canal treatment in North Edmonton is a painful treatment procedure. However, the treatment procedure produces less discomfort than a tooth filling. Actually, an emergency dental visit in North Edmonton for a root canal treatment helps to relieve tooth pain.

emergency dental visit

Your dentist will recommend a root canal when inflammation or infection develops inside the pulp tissue. The pulp tissue is made up of connective tissue, nerve cells, and blood vessels. This explains why you might feel extreme pain when an infection occurs. Over time, the pain might disappear on its own, but just temporarily. Without treatment, the infection will still be present. If ignored, you risk getting a dental abscess and you might develop systemic problems in your body.

Root Canal Treatment Causes No Pain

Most people associate root canal treatment with pain and complications, which is just a myth. The inflammation and the infection in your tooth’s pulp can cause excruciating pain, but the procedure involving root canal treatment in North Edmonton eliminates the acute pain. Note that the treatment does not cause pain.

Yet another good reason to never postpone your root canal procedure is this: A natural tooth saved through the process of a well-executed root canal and restoration helps you to avoid the issues commonly experienced when affected teeth must be extracted. Some of these include unwanted shifting or migration of teeth, need for dental implants or bridgework, and loss of your bone structure in the area with no tooth.

Root Canal Issues: Causes of problems

The most common root canal issues are brought about by the inflammation and infection of tooth pulp tissue. Extensive tooth decay is one of the possible causes of infection. Untreated cavities eventually promote the growth of bacteria that will work their way deeper into the tooth centre, where they cause infection to the tooth pulp tissue. Cracked or chipped teeth are yet another way for bacteria to find their way to the pulp.

Trauma to your tooth – An automobile accident or sports injury could result in trauma to your tooth and major pulp tissue damage. In such a scenario, an emergency dental visit could save your tooth and prevent problems from developing in the future.

Some cases of extensive dental procedures potentially damage the pulp, which means you might need to undergo root canal treatment. Having multiple restorations or fillings on one tooth increases the possibilities of this form of injury.

When you need to make an emergency dental visit that would involve root canal treatment in North Edmonton, it is imperative that you seek out a dentist or dental clinic with the capacity to complete the treatment procedure successfully.

If you want to avoid the need to undergo root canal treatment in the future, it is advisable that you keep your teeth free of decay by brushing and flossing your teeth on a daily basis. Your diet should be low in sugar and remember to avoid acidic beverages. Furthermore, you need to go for regular cleanings and dental exams.