What Type of Damage Can a Denture Repair Service Fix?

It does not matter how well you take care of your dentures, contacting a denturist for denture repair is an inevitable part of life for everyone who wears dentures. Sometimes the dentures break in half, a tooth falls out, or something serious might happen that leaves your dentures looking like a confused mess. Read on to learn some kinds of denture damage that your Edmonton denturist can help fix.


Minor Repairs

One of the most common issues encountered by denture repair experts is a chipped tooth from the dentures having been dropped. Even if the denture is dropped just an inch or 2, this can cause some damage. Depending on the kind of damage, the Edmonton denturist may be able to cement the damaged piece in place. If this cannot the done, the denturist will just replace the chipped tooth.

Another common problem for denture wearers is having a tooth completely fall out. In such a case, the denture and the loose tooth should be kept in a safe place until the repair is done. Do not try to fix the tooth using glue as this could end up damaging the whole denture, which will result in you having to invest in a new set. It is important to keep the denture and the loose tooth safe until you can see a denturist for the repair work.

Serious Repairs

Dentures that have been broken completely in half can be repaired. If your denture breaks in half, it is not useless, yet. Place it in a container with water at room temperature and let it remain there until you can visit a denturist for repair. This prevents the dentures from shifting until they are replaced. The denturist will use adhesive and special equipment to carefully join the denture back together. Later, you should have the denture checked to make sure it fits in the mouth properly. A denture that does not sit properly in the mouth can be very uncomfortable and even painful.

Denture repair can also be employed for breaks along the denture edges. The denturist will take your mouth’s impression and use it to make sure the repairs retain the same shape. After the repair has been done, the expert will check it carefully to make sure it fits well in your mouth to avoid damage to the gums.

Denture Damage That Requires Replacement

There are cases where dentures are damaged so badly that they cannot be repaired. In such cases, denture replacement is inevitable. Some of the cases where denture replacement might be necessary include multiple breaks, worn teeth, deteriorated or worn plastic and significant loss of the jaw bone. In such cases, denture repair might not be feasible, and a replacement should be made.


Thanks to new technologies and materials available today, a reliable Edmonton denturist can repair a variety of denture issues. Minor repairs can be done in just a few hours while more extensive damage will require some time to fix. If your dentures are damaged or broken, call a denturist immediately.