When Should You Undergo Root Canal Treatment or Wisdom Teeth Removal in Red Deer?

Whether you need wisdom teeth removal or treatment for root canals in Red Deer, you need to schedule an appointment with a highly experienced dentist who is capable of handling the procedures. Below we shall find out when it is necessary to remove wisdom teeth or undergo root canal treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third molars located in the back of your mouth. They don’t have to be removed if they meet the following conditions:

  • Healthy
  • Fully erupted – grown in completely
  • Positioned correctly; they also need to bite properly
  • Can be cleaned properly as part of your routine hygiene practices

Many times, wisdom teeth may not have sufficient room to allow for proper growth and could easily cause problems. The erupting wisdom teeth might grow at different angles, sometimes even in a horizontal manner. Some of the issues can often include teeth that:

  • Remain hidden in gums. If they cannot emerge naturally, the wisdom teeth will become impacted (trapped) in your jaw. An infection may occur or a cyst may develop that damages bone support or other roots.
  • Emerge Partially. Since this area is difficult to see or clean, the partial emerging of wisdom teeth often creates a passageway, which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The bacteria might end up causing oral infection or gum disease.
  • Crowding nearby teeth – if your wisdom teeth don’t have sufficient room, it is likely that they will damage or crowd nearby teeth.

Some dentists might recommend wisdom teeth removal if they fail to fully emerge. Many dentists advise that it is better to undergo wisdom teeth removal when you’re still young. At a younger age, the bone and roots are yet to fully develop and recovery is faster. This explains why younger adults will get the teeth pulled out before they cause problems.

Root Canals in Red Deer

Treatment of root canals in Red Deer is generally recommended as a measure to save teeth suffering from damage caused by tooth decay or injury. An extensive or major restoration job could potentially cause inflammation or infection of the pulp. Other issues that could easily cause infection or inflammation of the pulp include fractured or cracked teeth, severe gum disease, excessive enamel wear, and dentine causing exposure of the pulp.

Root canals in Red Deer may be recommended by your dentist if you experience severe pain caused by touching, biting, or pushing teeth. Swelling occurring near a tooth also points to the need for root canal treatment.

Untreated dental caries could possibly lead to bacteria buildup in the pulp, which causes irreversible pulpitis – a prolonged case of pulp tissue inflammation. This may eventually lead to necrosis of pulpal tissues and an abscess will form at the tooth’s root. An untreated abscess can worsen and lead to extensive, life-threatening complications. Prompt treatment through root canals in Red Deer cures this kind of infection, meaning it becomes easier to save the tooth.

Whether you need wisdom teeth removal or root canal treatment, it is imperative that you seek the services of a reputable dentist with many years of experience for the best possible results.